Our Products

We plant, harvest & sell fresh fruits & vegetables on our family farm

We grow a wide selection of fresh tender fruits and vegetables. Every growing season starts in early June and concludes at the end of October. Each season is slightly unique and different. Below you will find our commodities with the appropriate season.

Tender Fruit

Strawberries- early Season

Raspberries- early season

Black and red currants- early-mid season

Sweet and sour Cherries- early-mid season

Assortment of plums- mid-late season

Peaches- mid-late season

Nectarines-mid-late season

Apricots- mid-late season

Apples- late season

Seedless Table Grapes- mid season


Rhubarb- early season

Field Tomatoes- mid season

Roma Tomatoes- mid season

Assortment of Peppers- mid season

Eggplant- mid season

Garlic- early season

Beets- early season

Zucchini- early-mid season

Cucumbers- early-mid season

Onions- mid season

Carrots- mid season

Assortment of Potatoes- early-mid season

Corn- mid season

We also offer a selection of fresh cut flowers throughout the season.

Restaurants & Hotels 

The following restaurants and hotels support Quiet Acres to ensure their dishes include the freshest quality ingredients. 

Interested in being a part of this list?

Please email maureenmacsween@bell.net 

Seasonality of our Produce 

Please follow our social media pages to keep up to date with product availability as every growing season is different!